Chef Kasey Action Shot

WAKEMIA, by Chef Kasey Hearns, embodies tradition and cultural heritage. A world traveler, Chef Kasey's palette has sampled the layered seasonings of Accra; delighted in the offerings of the Costa Rican Coast, and has made a pilgrimage to the land of jerk, Jamaica. A Brooklyn based enterprise, WAKEMIA is a marriage of the healthy and flavorful. Experience her unique cuisine, using only the highest quality ingredients, and taste the journey.


Orignating in West Africa via the Dan people, a WAKEMIA is a wooden ladle  carved in the image of the most hospitable woman in the village. It is a title of great distinction that comes with the responsbility of masterful farming techniques,  organizational skills, a generous disposition and excellent culinary abilities.  Known as the "spoon associated with feasts", as well as a bearer of spititual powers. It's holder is the main hostess of the feasts,  a maternal figure of the community  and is considered a woman of great power both  socially and spiritually.